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Union Industries Drives Energy Efficiency Forward for Plaxton

Union Industries Drives Energy Efficiency Forward for Plaxton

Union Industries is continuing to drive environmental efficiency at Plaxton with the installation of two new Ramdoors at its Scarborough site.

Plaxton, which became a subsidiary of internationally-recognised Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) in 2007, is a world-leading bus and coach manufacturer that produces a range of single and double decker vehicles, including the luxury Plaxton Panorama and the contemporary Plaxton Elite.

The experienced team of engineers at Plaxton is using the latest industry knowledge to manufacture energy-efficient vehicles using a wide range of low and zero emission technologies, which will cater for those regions in the UK that are striving to meet Government emissions targets, as well as those who are environmentally-conscious.

As part of Plaxton’s efforts to enhance energy efficiency within its own business, the company invested in Union Industries’ high-speed Ramdoors to enable a reduction in heat loss in the production area. The large external doors are opened and closed often as materials are frequently moved to the production line, so the high speed element of the Ramdoors with their average opening speed of 1.0m/s will reduce heat loss in the building, saving utility costs and maintaining working conditions for employees.

Being located along the East Coast, weather extremes including high winds were another factor to be taken into consideration. Often referred to as the ‘Big Daddy’ of high-speed doors, Plaxton already has experience of Union Industries’ Ramdoor and know it has been specially designed to achieve a Class 5 wind resistance capacity and these latest doors installed included four heavy-duty travelling windbars.

The Ramdoor also comes with standard features including a 'Crash-Out' facility, counterweight assisted opening and heavy-duty Ramhide door blade.

Plaxton decided to purchase Union Industries Ramdoors again, as they needed a reliable and robust solution for its new rapid roller doors, supported by excellent service, to replace its existing installations, which did not provide the necessary durability to support the high volume of traffic moving in and out of the building. In addition, the free-entry into the company’s Lifetime Warranty scheme provides Plaxton with the added reassurance of continued service and maintenance to ensure continuity of their operations.

Leeds-based Union Industries is a leading manufacturer of industrial high speed doors in the UK, offering award-winning industrial doors and curtains to sectors including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, and food and drink.

Walter Schneider, Maintenance Manager at Plaxton, said: “Plaxton has been producing high-quality vehicles for customers across the globe for over a century. While it is fundamental that we invest in reliable and long-lasting equipment to maintain productivity, we also wanted to consider the environmental impact of the company.

“We have received a fantastic service from Union Industries with our previous doors and decided to repeat our order knowing that we would be provided with a high-quality product and excellent after care.”

Alan Hirst, Sales Director at Union Industries, said: “Plaxton, like many of our other customers, recognised the environmental and economic benefits that our high speed doors can deliver for a business and its workforce, resulting in a repeat order. Union Industries’ Ramdoor is well-recognised for its robust construction, so it’s no surprise that a wide range of companies choose this door for a long-term solution.”

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