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Innovative Solutions for Photoluminescent Life Safety Signage

Innovative Solutions for Photoluminescent Life Safety Signage

Vimpex has introduced the Implaser range of photoluminescent life safety signage, which features brightness levels many more times than required by the Standards and innovative products that enhance building safety.

The Implaser line is the ideal safety signage in areas such as public buildings, tunnels and escape ways.

The range includes photoluminescent signage and lighting solutions for fire equipment, escape and route safety equipment, emergency exits, Low Location Lighting (LLL), subway stations, road tunnels, LED emergency lighting and marine applications.

Since Implaser are in full control of the photoluminescent minerals used in production, they are able to produce innovative products such as their unique ceramic floor tile which can be used to actually integrate photoluminescence into the fabric of the building - significantly enhancing building safety.

Implaser’s range luminaires combine emergency lights with photoluminescent signs. This combination guarantees visibility in all situations as the sign will be visible even in case of luminaire failure. The company’s photoluminescent printed Evacuation Plans can play a vital role alongside photoluminescent safety signs. They display the plan of a facility on which are illustrated the necessary elements for evacuation and feature information required for the emergency services.

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