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New sensor-controlled LED downlighter offers energy savings and unobtrusive appearance

New sensor-controlled LED downlighter offers energy savings and unobtrusive appearance

Steinel (UK) Ltd, the market leader in lighting sensor technology, is launching the RS PRO LED DL, its first LED downlighter that includes built-in sensor control and a stylish finish that fits flush with the ceiling.

RS PRO LED DL offers maximum energy savings through the combination of LED technology and a high-frequency sensor that automatically switches the light off when the space is unoccupied.

Part of Steinel’s highly-successful RS PRO LED range, this new-generation downlighter requires no compromise on appearance, either: the entire system fits flush with the suspended ceiling, creating a sleek finish.

Straightforward installation

The RS PRO LED DL can be mounted at up to 3.5m, with installation made particularly straightforward due to the product’s easy-fit clamp-type retainer.

RS PRO LED DL is available in a standard 14W version and a more powerful 21W version. Achieving 66 lm/W efficiency, the downlighter produces bright, comfortable light, with both a cool-white version (4000k) and a warm-white version (3000k) available.

Intelligent sensor control

The RS PRO LED series unlocks important energy savings without the traditional compromises of sensor-lighting. The sensitive, highly-intelligent sensor function features 360-degree coverage with a maximum reach of 8m. This reach even operates through glass, wood and stud walls. All of this means the downlighter will automatically switch on when it is needed and switch off when the space is empty, with no start-up curve and no relay clicking sound.

Time delay control is also possible. The sensor’s time threshold can be adjusted to any setting, from 1–60 min, and the response light level can be adjusted from 0.2–2000 lx, making the RS PRO LED DL truly flexible to any demands.

Lower maintenance burden

In addition to the energy savings on offer, RS PRO LED DL can also deliver savings on maintenance costs. LED lamps offer long lifespans of 50,000 hours or more, compared to CFLs, which may last just 8,000 hours. The RS PRO LED DL removes the usual maintenance burden associated with replacing dead lamps.

What’s more, the wide temperature range of the RS PRO LED series, with an LED cooling system, further protects the LED lamps’ lifespan and output.

Interconnected slave versions

Interconnected slave versions of the downlighters can be used to make the RS PRO LED DL even more energy-efficient. Large facilities, such as airports, schools, office buildings and administration centres, can be interconnected by cable with RS PRO DL LED Slave.

Peter Lawrence, Managing Director of Steinel (UK) Ltd, comments: “Downlighters remain a popular and stylish choice for a range of different spaces. With the launch of the RS PRO LED DL, downlighters can also be a highly energy-efficient choice. Long-lasting, maintenance-free LEDs, combined with automatic sensor-control, make it possible to forget all about the lighting, in the process unlocking substantial savings on energy bills and CO2 emissions.”


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