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Hochiki Europe achieves the impossible by improving the performance of its sensors

Hochiki Europe achieves the impossible by improving the performance of its sensors

Hochiki Europe, the leading manufacturer of innovative life safety solutions, has announced the launch of three new sensors, which take fire detection to the next level of performance and reliability. The new ALN-EN, ATJ-EN and ACC-EN devices have a number of innovative features that improve functionality and reduce false and unwanted alarms – making them the most intelligent products of their kind.

Replacing the ALG-EN photoelectric smoke sensor, the ALN-EN builds on its incredible success by further refining the responsiveness of the company’s unique High Performance Chamber Technology. Its design minimises the differences in sensitivity experienced in flaming and smouldering fires, providing an optical chamber that is equally reactive to all smoke types and which greatly reduces the possibility of false alarms.

Hochiki Europe’s ACB-E heat sensor has been superseded by the ATJ-EN, which incorporates a variable temperature heat element as well as a rate of rise heat element – both of which can be managed from a control panel. This allows either element, or both simultaneously, to play an active part in making the alarm decision.

Last but certainly not least, the ACC-EN has taken over from the ever-popular ACA-E as the company’s flagship multi-sensor. It features three modes, allowing the optical element, the thermal element or both to be active. Like the ALN-EN it also has the distinct advantage of utilising High Performance Chamber Technology.

All three devices are fully compatible with Hochiki Europe’s Enhanced Systems Protocol (ESP) – the industry’s most robust addressable communications solution for intelligent fire detection. In addition, they boast increased noise immunity and a number of software advances that make them even more reliable. To help with identification, newly designed ergonomic outer covers come with ‘at-a-glance’ marking – unmarked denotes smoke, one ring heat and two rings indicate it is a multi-sensor.

Just as importantly, each device is fully backwards compatible with its predecessor, ensuring a seamless transition if products need to be retrofitted into an existing system. What’s more, the chambers can easily be removed or replaced for easy maintenance, while EN54 and LPCB third-party approvals, alongside VdS and SIL verifications rubber-stamp their credentials.

‘It has been incredibly difficult for our research and development team to improve what are widely considered to be three of the most reliable, versatile and robust sensors on the market,’ commented Paul Adams, Hochiki Europe’s deputy marketing manager. ‘However, this is what they have achieved and we are confident that these devices represent a new benchmark in the battle against false alarms.’

For further information please contact Hochiki Europe on 01634 266566, email: or visit

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