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England’s Top Football Clubs Get The Hanovia UV Treatment

England’s Top Football Clubs Get The Hanovia UV Treatment

Some of England’s most famous football clubs are using Hanovia’s UV disinfection technology to purify their hydrotherapy pools. Water of exceptionally high quality is required as the clubs cannot afford for their players to fall ill as a result of water-borne pathogens like Cryptosporidium or Giardia.

English football is a multi-million pound business with a huge global audience. The key focus is centred on the success of the football clubs and their players. For every club it is essential their stars remain fit throughout the long, demanding season, so no expense is spared in providing world class facilities to make sure they perform at optimum levels. This includes the use of state-of-the-art hydrotherapy facilities to treat muscle injuries and accelerate recovery times.

James Hadley, Hanovia’s UK Sales Manager, says: “Bacteria like Cryptosporidium are highly resistant to chlorine and can’t be eliminated by using the chemical on its own – an additional step is required to ensure their complete removal. UV is now one of the most popular methods of destroying them. In addition, chloramines – the unpleasant by-products of chlorination – can be effectively removed with UV.

“UV technology is an extremely important part of the water treatment system for many top English clubs’ hydrotherapy pools”

“UV technology is therefore becoming an extremely important part of the water treatment system for many top English clubs’ hydrotherapy pools. By being effective against chlorine resistant micro-organisms and by controlling chloramines, UV is a double-edged sword that has led to Hanovia’s UV systems being installed in many hydrotherapy and swimming pools across the world.

“Not only that, UV is much cheaper and safer than the other non-chlorine treatment method, ozonation. The Victoria Park Swimming Pool Complex in Hong Kong has installed over 20 of our UV systems and they report that, compared to ozone treatment, UV is up to five times cheaper to maintain and takes up only 1/10 of the space.

“Running costs are being scrutinized much more by football clubs, as all of them are trying to maximize their profits and minimise unnecessary wastage. By adding UV to their water treatment regimes, clubs are not only getting rid of harmful chlorine by-products, they are also saving money and reducing the amount of chlorine used,” concluded James.

Hanovia UV installations outside the footballing world

Hanovia’s UV systems are already widely used in pools and spas around the globe, from the UK to Australia. One of the most prominent UK installations is Nirvana Spa in Berkshire. Widely regarded as one of the UK’s most prestigious spa facilities, Nirvana has nine pools, each filled with pure spring water drawn from over 200 metres beneath the ground. Each pool is treated with a Hanovia UV system, including the “Celestial” floatation pool, the UK’s largest hydrotherapy pool containing salt imported from Israel’s Dead Sea.

About Hanovia

Based in the United Kingdom, with a worldwide distributor network, Hanovia is a world leader in UV disinfection technology for industrial applications. The company has over 85 years’ experience in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of UV systems worldwide. Hanovia is a subsidiary of Halma plc.

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