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Security expert warns facilities managers to be alert to new terrorist threat

Security expert warns facilities managers to be alert to new terrorist threat

perimeter security expert is warning public building and facilities owners to be extra vigilant following concerns of potential new IRA terrorist activities.

The Daily Mail reported British security sources fear the G8 Summit may be targeted by an IRA attack when it is held in Northern Ireland this summer and that the group has ambitions to mount a new campaign in the mainland, with indications it has the equipment to carry out these attacks.

The G8 leaders are meeting at the Lough Erne resort in Enniskillen in June and British sources have warned Republican dissidents are planning a terrorist outrage in the run-up to the summit.

Security forces are already dealing with an upsurge in republicanism and increasing loyalist violence in the Belfast flags protest.

Jonathan Goss, managing director of Townscape Products, which manufactures and installs hostile vehicle mitigation systems, is advising owners of high profile public buildings across the UK to heed this warning and ensure their security measures are adequate to counter security threats.

Jonathan said: “Owners and managers of public buildings and facilities have a duty of care to protect their staff and visitors from the threat of terrorism and the security of a building or public area needs to go far beyond security staff and vehicle stop-checks.

“The only way to stop a bomb-laden vehicle intent on causing maximum damage and casualties is to install a vehicle security system around the building’s perimeter which has been proven to immobilise the vehicle on impact.

“The terrorist attack on Glasgow Airport in 2007 stimulated the airline industry to instigate a security overhaul of UK airports but we shouldn’t wait for another incident to kick-start reactive planning across other sectors.

“The G8 warnings alone should be a stark reminder that we live in a world at threat from terrorism and PAS68 approved vehicle defence systems are not only proven to prohibit hostile vehicle attack but also act as a strong visual deterrent, lessening the potential of a terrorist attack.

“In our experience, many high profile building owners delay installing suitable security systems due to concerns about disruption and lengthy groundworks around their facility. However, there are attractive, natural material systems available which require very shallow footings and can be installed quickly and cost effectively. Some even enhance the aesthetics of a facility’s footprint.”

Townscape Products has supplied its PAS68 Counter Terror (CT) Block system at many high profile transport, entertainment and public sector facilities across the UK. The company is in the process of adding more products to its security range and will be exhibiting at the Counter Terror Expo in London in April.

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